Bantam T3 rigistration number

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Bantam T3 rigistration number

Post by GoranWC51 »

My newly purchased 1/4 ton trailer, a Bantam T3 (I think) just revealed its first mystery:

Registration number:


The trailer is ex French army with the usual Nato-equipment added, rear lights, lunette, etc. but in very good condition, with the original floor still in place, Some French "collector" stole all the plaques from the trailers at that sale, so I don't know, yet, if it's a Bantam or a Willys. It does have 8 blades and not 10, so it might be pre 1944.

Any and all help much appreciated,

Please contact me on:


for pictures, as the board attachment quota is full.

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Goran Noren
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