H013-0500192 oil seal for ?

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H013-0500192 oil seal for ?

Post by Spookyfr »

Hi all,
I have found an old wood box with many oil seal NOS. Part number is H013-0500192.
I've search in Dodge parts book (snl g-502/507), in gmc parts book, jeep willys, half-track, but I can't find it. I don't know what is this oil seal for !
If you have any ww2 parts books, can you help me ?

Thank you in advance.

Tom Wolboldt
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Technician 4th Grade
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Re: H013-0500192 oil seal for ?

Post by Tom Wolboldt »

Hi spookyfr,

I see this is an old post and you may not be on the forum anymore but no one answered your question yet to date.
Seal H013-0500192 only applies to the WW2 Chevy 1/12 Ton 4x4 series of trucks.

I guess I should have added : According to the Ordnance Dept ORD 5-5 Manual dated April, '54.

Also I did miss seeing the G508 listing so the seal also applies to the G508.
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Re: H013-0500192 oil seal for ?

Post by RANGER »

Don't stop there, Tom, it is also the inner rear Wheel seal for G-508 Banjo CCKW, CCW as well as all G-506.
And Spooky, it also fits your Heer Truck if it has Banjo's.
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