anyone doing any hauling on this site?

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Technician 3rd Grade
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anyone doing any hauling on this site?

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I have a potential purchase in the Northern CALIF area. I would like it hauled to me in Frisco, TX (Dallas, Area)

Its a very small vintage tractor. Runs and moves under its own power for loading. Residential adddress.. this this is smaller than a WW2 JEEP in size


weight: 3700 lbs or less
Length: 91 inches
width: 52 inches
height: 50 inches

Location: Ukiah, CA. 95482.
destination: Frisco, TX 75035

BTW>.. I'll post this on other sites that members here may frequent. Sorry for the redundancy.

thanks, Dave
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John Griffin
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Re: anyone doing any hauling on this site?

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Dave, I have had success getting freight and vehicles moved economically using the website . John