Spark plug wires

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Spark plug wires

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Guys, I need a set of plug wires for my WC51. It appears they need ends that remove or they will not fit through the tubular wire guide that is mounted to the top of the engine. I am told they sell wire kits or bulk wire that you can cut your own lenght and crimp on the ends. I have been to several local AP stores and they look at you crosseyed. Also they need to be black so they look correct. I would rather get them from a local source so I can get going on this project. Any part numbers? I have a #SMP3600 but the carquest guy did not like it. Thanks ahead of time. Perry
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Where are you located? Spark plug wires are easy to get at any local parts store. Don't mention WC, just tell em it's for an old Dodge 230, 6 cyl.

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spark plug wires

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Truer words could have been spoken! When I ask about parts here locally, So Cal, I get the blank look in their eyes at the term Dodge WC 51. But when you say a Dodge 6 cylinder, 230 engine, the light comes back to their eyes.
So now I use the term "Dodge 6 cylinder, 230 engine" in regards to engine parts and "Dodge 3/4 ton truck 1942" for other parts.
Did find out that NAPA is not all that cheap anymore. When looking for a wheel cylinder, I was quoted the price of $56 for the left rear wheel cylinder. Vintage Powerwagons had the same thing for $28. Both parts had to be ordered. Guess where I went? Vintage Powerwagons!
Their prices have been at least 1/2 to 2/3s cheaper than anything here locally. Mid West is priced similiar as Vintage. Both are good companies to deal with and use.
Just an FYI to all on the list.

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Absolutely, ask for parts in the most generic form. These young fellers behind the counters of parts stores need more education in the "older" stuff that is still running.
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Bulk Plug wire

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Look for The Roadster Factory, they used to carry bulk wire and terminals.
They're in Pennsylvania.
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