need to find some replacement bushings for the clutch/brake

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need to find some replacement bushings for the clutch/brake

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I tried all the usual sources. However, its probably just as easy to find a local sleeve bushing, but the problem is I lack the diameter of the shaft that both clutch an brake pedal ride on..

I dont have the truck apart at the moment. so I cant measure the shaft...Was hoping to find some bushings BEFORE starting to tear it down.

My SNL-G506 manual states that they are P/N CV-351424 13/16" O.D. x 1 17/64... Now, does that mean they are 1 17/64" LONG? must be..... But the manual gives NO I.D. dimension. If one knew the shaft diameter, it would be easy.

the brake pedal bushing is P/N CV-592113, and the manual states is it 13/16" O.D. as well, but its 1 35/64 inch long...
Apparently the clutch and brake pedal work on the same shaft, so the same I.D. would work for both.

anyone know the shaft diameter off hand? Or have a set of bronze replacement bushings?
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