Trunion shaft differences

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Trunion shaft differences

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What are the differences between the split diff & banjo diff trunion shaft at the rear?
The parts book list 2 different part numbers but with all their attached brackets etc, it does not break it down to individual items.
Over Christmas Dad and I lifted the rear of our chassis and pulled out the rear diff assembly only to find the LH nut and bearing remains for the trunion fell out on the floor. The stubb of the trunion has worn away with use over the years and lack of grease
I have a friend that has a slit diff trunion assembly and was thinking that maybe, the trunion shafts may be able to be swapped over?
Any ideas from people who have worked on this area much appreciated.
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Re: Trunion shaft differences

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Check with Ben Dover on G503 site, he is an honor grad Army mechanic and an expert and maintaining CCKWs in military condition. He keeps my truck in flawless turn key condition. It has not failed me once in the 27 years he has serviced it.
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Re: Trunion shaft differences

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You need to speak to Ranger, here, Ben Dover on the G503, or Joel Gopan, they all seem equally knowledgable on this stuff. :thumbup:

I vaguely remember some of the differences between split and banjo axle types. There are lots of differences in U-joints and interconnecting shafts, and transfer case outputs, but I just don't know about trunnion shaft.

If I had to guess I'd say that you would probably be able to strip both and rebuild one good one, but some parts would definitely have to be swapped and perhaps even modified.
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