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Overcast October 18, with a temp of 34F is not the ideal AM to head for Hanger 1 at Dow Field or the favorite watering hole in a 1944 MB without doors and side curtains. I gave it a go anyways, who siaid "Streaking" is a thing of the past. Again, dilligent GI PM (and good Army training) paid off, the MB powered by a GPW engine ionstalled 38 years ago out of the crate was biting at the bit. Been driving it 38 years without a stoppage since restoring it back to 100% factory tolerances with NOS and Depot overhauled components. Driving 1/4 tons always gave me a litthe "buzz" as they just seem to prance around and are so responsive to the controls. Mine has given me some fantastic memories as it was surplused from Dow Field in my hometown back in 1946, I even got to share the MB for a few hours with Chuck Yeager back in 96 at a huge airshow at Dow.I discovered my MB while surveying highways thru Maine back in the 60s. It was owned by legendary Main Guide Sarah Green who lived in the woods at Katahdin Iron Works, she used it from 1946 until her death in the late 60s. It is still has that factory new feel and handling since restoration in the early 70s.
It is one of the few existing WWII Jeeps in use that has WWII factory seat cushions installed. I bought a number of them from those Mechanics Illustrated ads by American Auto Parts in Kansas City years ago.

Back then the new Goodyear NDTs I installed on it cost me $25.00 each wholesale, and similar Kelley Springfield NDTs cost me $16.00 ea. I still have some on the shelf as spares.

My MB and like new M38A1 now take a back seat to my Military Vehicle of choice, the SWB CCKW. They get an occasional parade, ice cream run and trip to the Commisarry at Bangor ANG Base (Dow Field) and the rare local military display here and there .
My CCKW is registered for the ANG Base also, but the .50 BMG in the cargo body would be a bit much for the Air Policemen at the gate, we leave it home unless invited.
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