Jeep body

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Jeep body

Post by philip »

On a Jeep body I bought (in the Bulge area) is Painted the word "GRUBER" on both sides , directly on the OD paint., at the height of the rear axle
It has been repainted red , but it 's very easy to scratch off the red layer , which makes the " GRUBER" marking very clear. White paint , but turning yellow - brown through the ages , after all a nice discovery , I wonder if it's a persons name or something else ?
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Jeep's name

Post by Gordon_M »

It's the name of the jeep, for sure.

Typically it would have been a US film or book character, but I don't recognise it. You'll re-mark it anyway with the same name, I'm sure, but check the rest of the body, particularly engine cover and windscreen, for more name stuff.

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