M-5-6 IHC

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In reply to Dave Ball's comments on the M5.

We cleared a lot of land with ours. The winch and boom is behind the ragtop cab, would let out cable and loop it loosely around a tree and hook it. My old man would push the loop up the tree as far as he could with an old pushbroom, and I'd take in the slack. Got him out of the way, hit second low and stood on the gas pedal.

Trees don't grow back when the rootball is pulled out of the ground :wink:
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Re: M-5-6 IHC

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Anybody out there have a manual for an IH M5A6? A fellow member in the Red Bull club up here in Minnesota (land of ice and frozen trucks) has found one and is looking for the manual. I'll send you a box of handmade snowballs in payment...
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Re: M-5-6 IHC

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There's not that many around but I found mine trough a search on Ebay with an automatic call when the manual was offered. It took less than 3 months...