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Haven't commented much about these since I first posted on other sites several years ago.

The WWII 1/4 Ton JEEP trailers used the Round Corcoran Brown , or the Round ARROW reflectors with Grotelite 100 lenses. I have been lucky enough to have been around when these trailers were surplused in the 40s-50s and noted the details of the reflectors. Willys MBT trailers used Corcoran Brown Round Reflectors, while Bantam trailers used the Arrows. It is confirmed in the many TM10, and SNLs pertaining to Bantam Trailers that Arrow was their vendor for Tail lights and reflectors.
What is unique is that Willys 1/4 Ton Trailers used a lead washer to seal the screw holes for the reflectors.
My friend Joel has the worlds' supply of NOS lead washers for the 1/4 Ton WWII Trailers, and has been selling these as a kit including the correct screws, nuts, and lockwashers.

NOTE: The Korean War M-100 Series trailers also used lead washers of a slightly larger diameter to seal the screws attaching the reflectors.
The majority of the M-100s were primarily built by Strick and Dunbar-Kapple, 1951-1953. There are later dated M-100 series trailers that appeared in the late 50s.
The reflectors on the M-100 series appeared to be Guide A-2 with Stimsonite 12 of GUIDEX lens.
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