Volo, Illinois MV Show Canceled.

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Volo, Illinois MV Show Canceled.

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I had just called the Volo Auto Museum to see what was up with their MV show this year. In past years, they sent out a mailing to let people know about the show & to register. I hadn't gotten that yet, so I called. They told me it was canceled due to lack of interest. :shock: Only 2 people had signed up. I was NOT one of them.

I was then told they DIDN'T do a mailing this year. Gee, ya think that maybe THAT'S why nobody signed up? :? :evil: I find that not everybody is on the net or net savy. Especially the old timers. Then, to make it more difficult, ya have to go thru a bunch of changes to get to the ACTUAL calander of events. :evil: It seems they have 2. :shock: Oh well, I'm BUMMED!

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Replies here please..
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