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Hello! Got a '44 M5H6, engine overhauled, approx 100 hrs on rebuild.

The frame is getting to be in bad shape, especially where the boom is attached, hole rusted thru the channel. Been thru the runaround with Navistar, Michigan, Akron and Memphis. Any suggestions on where to find a good frame, a reasonable fabricator source, or a reasonable source of frame material to fab it myself?

Thanks in advance for any advice/help!

Maybe I need to rephrase this question. You fellows that exhibit old machines in the shows, did you do your own restore, etc., or did you have them done? I find it hard to believe that the vehicles I've seen in showroom condition didn't start out as a rustbucket after all the years.

The deuce here is not used for show, it is still worked on the farm to pull trees out of ground, and it has a package on it to allow it to drive water wells. Any suggestions from any restorers on how to go about this problem would help, have never done this aspect before. :shock: