41 in 4wheel drive question

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Re: 41 in 4wheel drive question

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Well, back on the track to replace the front axle.
First, a big health issue has delayed getting this done. That is behind us now👍. Springs are done. What I need is insight to removing the old axle and replacing with the new. I’m limited to floor jacks and jack stands, so can I do this with one or two people? Health wise is no longer a concern.
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Re: 41 in 4wheel drive question

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I'd be strongly tempted to have at least two people for fitting the replacement. The problem is the weight, and the steering ends make to front axle so much heavier and more dangerous - those hubs flop from side to side quite easily and can crush body parts. :shock:

drop the old one off - carefully - then drag it out the way. This should convince you that a helper or two will be need to fit the new one.
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