Brass gas can spout

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Brass gas can spout

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Was there a brass screw on gas can spout for early war Dodge WC?
Any photos of these. Mike
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Re: Brass gas can spout

Post by Gordon_M »

Not sure, don't think so.

The early cans had the rounded rectangular spout like German / British, and I think when the US screwed spout came out they went straight to steel.

It is possible / likely that there was a brass screwed spout for the previous 10 gallon can though - that might fit.

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Re: Brass gas can spout

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Yes, there was
The first US 5 gallon cans ( shaped like the German ones) were made by Nesco and had the standard screw in top
Before that, the US used round cans. like the ones you see on pictures of the VC during the 1940 and 1941 Army maneuvers
i will try to post pictures later