1.5 ton 4x2 with No 7 Set in California.

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1.5 ton 4x2 with No 7 Set in California.

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There is a 1.5 ton Dodge Civilian truck in the LA area with a No 7 Set on the back. Unfortunately I have lost the link to the pictures, but the e-mail and number are below.

Good morning, So far I've had a lot of questions about the old truck, but no one has come through to buy it. It has about 3 weeks left to live before the scrap yard. I leave here June 14. I've listed it several places. Do you know anyone that might want it before it's gone?

Thank You
Eric Heaton

I would hate to see this truck get scrapped. it is in Los Angeles area, I think. you can contact Eric at 310-721-5882 or email at ericpheaton@gmail.com
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