Rear axle drive flange studs

Lew Ladwig
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Rear axle drive flange studs

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I think bubba got to my rear axle. The drive flange was loose. The nuts on the studs were very loose. So I pulled it apart. Found the studs were 7/16 NC on both ends! I think bubba replaced the studs. He must have drilled the flange to make 7/16 fit. Any flanges out there with 7/16 holes instead of 3/8?
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Re: Rear axle drive flange studs

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the holes in the axle flange are already 7/16". So the studs will fit without drilling . I don't know why the designed the way they did. but stock studs are 7/16 in the hub and 3/8" on the outer end and the 7/16" shaft is slightly proud of the hub and I think the axle does barely fit onto some of that thicker part of the stud