K38 Trailer

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K38 Trailer

Post by FISCH »

Ok, just purchased a "ok" K38, meaning the outside looks good, but some of the pockets etc on the inside are gone. The latter is ok since I plan on using it to haul behind the Command Car the lawn chairs etc used for car shows.

Anyway I am thinking of doing a little "restoration" meaning patch the holes with out welding, paint and stencil markings.

So, couple of questions:

I have looked at "marked" trailers and it appears to be the only requirement are stars on the side and back. Unit marking optional etc... so that isn't a big deal unless the more knowledgeable can fill me in.

The other part is this trailer is missing its data plate. So besides the data plate is there anywhere else where the serial number can be found?

Thanks in advance

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Re: K38 Trailer

Post by Gordon_M »

Not that I know of. Pretty much all the military ones had a serial and some variation of unit code info on the lower back face. Mine had a four digit code on one side and the same code stamped into the top face of the towbar but that looked like it was done by the user.

The trailer itself could be "Model-S" or "K-38" early or late and from any one of half a dozen manufacturers, so if you could like to a few images of the wheels, top, and towbar we may be able to provide some more info.

Only real crumb I can offer is a chance at dating it. I noticed on my Highway Trailers Model S that the springs were dated, month and year, stamped on the bottom face of the bottom leaf close to the axle perch. If you clean those up and they are dated, then you'll know the year and there's a pretty good chance it was by Highway Trailers
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