New 1940 VC-3 & other Dodge WWII Posters Available

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CO Gary
Technician 5th Grade
Technician 5th Grade
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My garage: 1964 W100 Town Wagon Power Wagon, 318 Poly, LU-2 Winch
1968 W300 Crew Cab, LA-318, MU-5 Winch
I do posters of Power Wagons and WWII Dodge Trucks
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New 1940 VC-3 & other Dodge WWII Posters Available

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These posters are standard 12X18, 4 color on heavy gloss stock.

Custom Posters of your truck are available and I can bid that. See below.

Standard Poster: $35.00 (out of my collection, no changes, includes 1 print)

Truck Posters available:
- 46-68 WM300, WDX style Power Wagons (including Woodies and a Crew Cab)
- 57-71 Power Giant and Sweptline era Power Wagons. (W100-W500)
- 57-66 Power Wagon Town Wagons and Panels including 2 Wheel Drive
- 55-71 2 Wheel Drive Dodges (C3, D100-D200)
- 39-40 VC 1/2 Ton WWII Military (VC-1 Command Car/Recon, VC-3 Express)
- 41 WC 1/2 Ton WWII Military (WC-6 Command Car, WC-12 Closed Cab Pick-up, WC-10 Carryall, WC-11 Panel)
- 42-44 WC 3/4 Ton WWII Military (WC-53 Carryall, WC-51/52, WC-62/63 Weapons Carrier, WC-56/57 Command Car)
- M-37 3/4 Ton Military Cargo
- Posters: MVPA International Convention 2016, Berkshire Mtn, Vermont, West Virginia and California Rally
- 48-55 Chevy and GMC Advanced Design Pickups, Suburbans and Panels

Custom changes often done:
Color Change 10.00
Custom Logo 10.00 - 25.00 (on the door or Panel side)
Hood numbers 10.00 - 25.00 (and or custom unit numbers and insignias, etc.)
Changes 5.00 (each, these are for different mirrors, bumpers etc. good selection of items)
Custom art 10.00 - 35.00 (special bumpers, mirrors, hub caps, wheels etc.)
Additional print 5.00
Shipping 8.00
Total: Usually between $40 and $80

Payable in US Postal Money Order Only

Here are some samples: ... 3&fclick=y

For more information contact Gary at: