G-506 questions

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Technician 5th Grade
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G-506 questions

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Hi Guys,
I need a bit of help with my current project (which is a book on the Chevy similar to my previous hardbound books on the CCKW, DUKW and Dodge).....

First, I am trying to clear up some conflicting information, and would appreciate a little help.

Do any of you actually have trucks showing any of the following plant code prefixes of their Chevrolet serial number?

1, 5, 21

I am really interested in confirming vehicles with these serial number prefixes (as opposed to having read or heard about such production - as I mentioned earlier - I have conflicting documentation, thus am seeking examples as confirmation.

Any help appreciated!

Also, if you have any of the following trucks with the original data plates, please let me know the plant code prefix of your serial number. At this time, I am only interested in the four specific models listed in the subject line. They are:

G-7128NQ - which are M6 bomb service trucks. The only ones I am interested in were built on contract W-374-ORD-1580.
G-7103NE - which are chassis. Again, the only ones I am interested in were built on contract W-398-QM-12945/W-374-ORD-2785
G-7105NG - which is a panel truck. Yet again, particular ones are of interest, specifically W-398-QM-10912/W-374-ORD-2993

The G-7113NK tractor trucks I am interested in are only those built on contract W-398-QM-12980/W-374-ORD-2787, which means I am looking for something of a needle in a haystack.

Any assistance with this sincerely appreciated.

David Doyle