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Be glad no one pays all that much attention to big Army Trucks, compared to Jeeps because 100 Points is near impossible to get realistically. Take a CCKW, 4 Ton Diamond T, 6 Ton Corbett REO/Biederman 2 1/2 Ton 6X6 to a show and leave it in a corner to be judged and you will get good marks.
The poor WWII MB/GPW is just plain nitpicked and beat to death. The nitpickers are out to get you, cause everyone is an expert. They learned all about it from thousands of posts from the blind leading the blind. Someone displays a WOF, Hotchkiss Jeep and they are ridiculed as having a counterfeit Jeep, and treated as a leper, the only true WWII Jeep just has to be a WWII MB/GPW that is restored with an original body and ad nauseum repro off shore G-503 parts, or an MB/GPW with one of those ill fitting off shore sweatshop built bodies. That's OK as long as it has the correct or almost authentic repro parts that appear to be built from a list of counterfeit parts from a list of countries that cover the United Nations. Remember, I said counterfeit, they are not genuine. Look up the definition. That said, the Jeep looks great, it has nice canvas and seats. It wins top honors, but what if it has foam filled seat cushions and no springs as the original WWII Jeep had. Oh,Oh! 100 Points? I think not. :wink:

NOS Seats used to be available from American Auto Parts in KC, Missouri. Remember those ads in back of Mechanics Illustrated back in the 50s-70s? Sarafans and Republic Sales had them up thru the 70s, as well as the many long established Gov't Surplus Dealers. I bought mine thru Jeep and American Auto Parts in the 60s early 70s.

Remember this, that Jeep with a Hotchliss Body is much closer to the WWII prototype, than one with an ill fitting offshore body, it is built under licence by Willys, the original manufacturer of the WWII Jeep, and many of the components are identical, yes, there are some differences, but it is 100% Jeep.

Don't take this too serious, it is my collection of thoughts of the madness that takes place with Jeep owners that want to have the best Jeep possible. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder when dealing with G-503.
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