WTB Wiper Motor Spacers

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Technician 3rd Grade
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WTB Wiper Motor Spacers

Post by GG »


Looking for a couple of parts for my CC, so I can install the correct early type wiper motors.

Part Wish list

1, Windshield Wiper Mounting Spacer Inner #922443
2, Windshield Wiper Mounting Spacer outer #922444

I only need one of each, if I can not find them its off to the milling machine, the outer will be easy, the inner will take some work.
They are only about a inch length.

I can provide pictures of what I am looking for if you think you have them.

Ebay, has a listing for the close cab put the open cab is different.

Thank you in advance
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Re: WTB Wiper Motor Spacers

Post by Don »

I've got a set that I think is correct. I'll send you a private message with my email. Send me the pictures and I'll make sure they match what you need.
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Re: WTB Wiper Motor Spacers

Post by Themoose74 »

Does anyone have a picture of what these spacers look like? I believe I am missing the outer (922444) and possibly the inner (922443), as well. I can find them referenced in the manuals, but I don’t see any diagrams.