6 volt charging

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6 volt charging

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Quick question i either have a naff battery or my generator is not performing as it should before i do anything
I need to know what the generator should be producing…from memory around 8 volts rings a bell….right or wrong?

Phil P
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Re: 6 volt charging

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It should charge at just under 8 volts otherwise it just boils the battery. It doesnt do it any harm but it is 9 volts it will buckle the plates eventually. The generator or dynamo will go up to 70 volts for a short time but can charge at 14 volts all day so you can change your system at 12 volts IF you change everything else. The wiring should take the load because it was designed for 6 volts. As volts increase so amps come down and is the amps that do the damage heat wise.

Phil P

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