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Phil P
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Master Sergeant
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Post by Phil P »

Hello to everybody those who remember me and those who say, oh no he's not back again, well I'm not really back. i read the Forum from time to time or when l think to. i know it's bad of me but that's how it is. l had my major stroke over 8 years ago and still can't use my right hand arm and leg but l still manage to annoy people so it's not all bad news. l have sold my Hippo to to my nephew who changed it's identity and sold it after telling me that he wouldn't sell it so thats one member of the family l don't have to speak to. l'm still into Dodges because l have bought another one, well four years ago, but with Covid and various other things we are now here. Well the Dodge is at Car SOS workshop were it is being converted to an automatic with a left hand accelerator pedal and a Rover V8. I should add that it wont be on TV. l should be there to keep my eye on it. Just in case anybody should ask it is a 1 January 1941 Dodge Luxury Liner LWB. I will be painting it in USN grey. At least l can drive it. l am sorry if l have upset anyone but it is a Dodge. anyway that's it. l shall be reading, when l remember, so the best of luck and keep Dodging.
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Post by Adam in Wa »

Welcome back. I’m a relatively new member here but I have read many of your posts, in fact I have read ALL the pages in the Dodge forum. Your knowledge and experience are greatly appreciated. I hope you will continue to post, you never know what trivial thing others will find helpful.
June J
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Technician 3rd Grade
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Hello Phil.
well its awesome to see your posting and to hear that your still alive! I have moved away from Dodges, not because I don't like them, but because my body doesn't lent itself to driving them, mores the pity.

My WC57 went to a local buyer and I have visitation rights :D . My WC53 looked AMAZING but was soo noisy :shock: from the transfer case that driving was unpleasent. The WC 53 is in the UK now.

I have since imported a Land Rover Defender Wolf 90 from the UK and loving it.

Welcome back Phil, I have really missed your sense of humour.


Ian J
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