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VC community help

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I am wiring my VC5 and in the process of doing the research I discovered that there were three different types of black out switches; two push pull types and one rotary type. I have the two push pull types but I do not have the rotary one. I want to do a wiring diagram of each type so it will be available to those working on their trucks. I have the wiring diagram for the rotary and the push pull switch that has lugs for the bullet ends. The one I am missing is the one for the push pull switch that has three lugs for the bullet ends and one screw lug. I would appreciate if anyone has books for the VC trucks that they email me a copy of the wiring diagram that is in the book and also pictures of their black out switch.


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Re: VC community help

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Is this the diagram your looking for?
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Need to take a step back here ....

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Compiling the info is a good thing to do, but you are not operating from full information.

The 1940 military trucks, VF and VF, had their own switch which did not appear before 1940 and was not used after it. It looks like a standard 1939-47 civilian switch, but it has it's own part number, and I think the difference is something to do with the terminal / switch setup for the blackout light switch on the top right of the main instrument panel.

If you have a VC or VF with the switch missing or broken you can slot in a standard 1939-47 civilian switch, but I think you would have to tinker with the wiring for the extra functionality.

As far as I know the light switch wiring is identical between models. The differences in VC wiring pretty much all relate to the manual that covers the VC2 Radio units.
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