Correct Color for 1942 Ford G8T

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Correct Color for 1942 Ford G8T

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What is the (most) correct color to paint my 1942 Ford 1-1/2 ton Stakebed? It still has much paint still on it, but there are at least 3 layers (all military). The Truck was stateside in Central Ohio, I belive at the Induction Center at Fort Hayes in Columbus. It is a very early one with civilian gages.

I am told there are two shades of WWII OD, one more brown and one more green. When was which one used, and which would my truck have had from the factory? (Sorry, the data plate with date of delivery is missing). I am guessing late "41 or early '42.

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Re: Correct Color for 1942 Ford G8T

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There are at least 3 shades of OD if not more. I've used Gillespie paints due to availability.

There is a very early 34087 that I've seen (and used) on my '41 Dodges.

There is a 33070 that I've used on my '42 GPW.

And there is a 319 that is used on '43 and newer.

My Dec '41 Slat Grill original color matched none of these perfectly, so some mixing will be in order! But the earlier color is more brownish, then the 33070 goes more olive to the 319 a more greenish, at least to my calibrated eye.

Hope this helps a little, maybe a least to get you in the ball parlk.