CCKW swb Torque rods

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CCKW swb Torque rods

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Hi we are lookiing for two torque rods for a swb split axle CCKW NOS would be best ! cheers

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Re: CCKW swb Torque rods

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Hi Adam
I don't know if you have solved your problem in the meantime but if not then there may be another option open to you. If your problem is that the rod ends are slogged out and you have late pattern rods the ball ends can be pressed out and replaced separately. This means that you only need purchase or procure the ball ends if available or use the ball ends from a banjo diff rod which if memory serves me correctly is identical to the split diff except for the length.
If your rods are the early moulded type, replacement of the assembly is the only option.