German Repair Trucks

All other trucks not mentioned above.
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German Repair Trucks

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See: ... anzer.html

Interesting that the German Army was using US made repair parts - I've heard too that WW2 Japanese trucks had a lot of US origin electrical components such as generators/starters.

Wonder what happened to those evaluation trucks and machinery - sold off or scrapped?
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Re: German Repair Trucks

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I have read that alot of the captured equipment was scrapped in the 1950s at Aberdeen. I have seen a very nice German Pak 75 that was picked up at Aberdeen at the end of the war by a VFW. The gun still looks new because the VFW took very good care of it. The vet who showed me the gun said they had rows of captured german cannons at Aberdeen when they picked up the Pak 75.
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Re: German Repair Trucks

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Anybody know if there were pictures taken of that stuff?

I worked out of an M-109A3 Shop van in the late '80's and early '90's. The work benches we had looked a lot like the work benches seen in WWII era pictures.

There is an L3000 Mercedes in the WWII Victory Museum in Auburn IN, but no clue as to what was in it. I have some photos I took last year when I was there if anyone is interested.