Youtube vid

All other trucks not mentioned above.
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Youtube vid

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Who wouldn't like one of these??!!! ... re=related
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Re: Youtube vid

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OK, I want to at least drive one!
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I've got plans to have one

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When I get really rich I'm having one.

That's an M26A1 or A2, less cab roof and winches. We don't know the split between M26 (armoured), M26A1 (softskin 12 volt), and M26A2 (softskin 24 volt) because they seem to have rebuilt some of the armoured ones as softskin, and then built some more softskin new. We do know that the total is only 1400+ though.

A good few are in Europe, most of the ones in the US seem to be softskin, possibly as a result of the rebuild programme as losing the armour took almost ten tons off the over-stressed front axle.

I don't know of anyone who has an original M15 trailer for one of these. All the surviving trailers seem to be at least M15A1 (rebuilds again ?) with uprated weight, spare wheel mount, and oval side cutouts rather than lockers with lids.
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Re: Youtube vid

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The last active Armored M-26 I saw was at Ft Drum in 1968. Their Tires soldiered on as I saw retread 1400X24 tires that were dated 1944 on M-123 Tractors in the 90s.
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